The ALD is a constitutionally formed Association run by an Executive Committee who report to the general members. The Executive deals with the day to day running of the association, formulating policy for ratification by the members, fielding enquiries from members and managements, representing members on other bodies and committees, publishing the Association’s magazine and other publications, setting up members’ meetings, entertainment, classes and organising the membership and finances of the Association.

In addition to the Executive, a number of working groups discuss and action particular specific projects that are either intiated by the Executive Committee or the membership itself. 

These currently include:

  • Meetings -
  • Education Issues -
  • Programmers -
  • Focus Editorial team -
  • Lumiere Scheme -
  • Equity Issues -
  • Environmental Responsibility Group -


We welcome apporaches from the wider membership to discuss how any members can help further the aims of the ALD whether through specific working groups or as part of the Executive Committee.  Please email the office for further information.