• We've often been asked whether we might ever create a podcast as another form of content to get our message across. Finally, we have and the first episode is now live!
  • The ALD Lumière Scheme is a pathway scheme for emerging lighting designers, giving them valuable experience of working professionally as an assistant lighting designer. Some Lumières may have the opportunity to take on associate lighting designer roles toward the end of their attachments. The Lumière will be matched with a number of established lighting designers and will spend six months...
  • Moving into the middle of 2019, the situation with Ecodesign remains roughly where it was in January. We have now seen the full final text of the Ecodesign regulations. The text is as discussed in the 5th January entry below, which is to say generally good news but with some very particular issues caused by the way the EU have changed one section of the text the entertainment lighting industry...
  • As is tradition, we offer new members joining between January and March up to 15 months of membership for the price of 12 months. So joining now (in whichever category is suitable) means you will pay a single fee to have your membership run through until the end of March 2020.
  • #Savestagelighting update January 2019
    The start of 2019 brings some good news - with, inevitably, a caveat. We haven’t seen the official final version of the text yet. We have, however, been given a peek at the changes which affect entertainment lighting.
  • Fundraising to support the #SaveStageLighting campaign members
    Many of you will know that this campaign came at a personal cost to the people involved. The ALD want to to say thank you to the #SSL team members by raising some funds to compensate them for the costs over months of their lives.
  • On Monday, December 17th, EU member states get to meet with the EU to discuss final concerns with and changes to the Ecodesign Lighting regulation, before a final text of the regulations is produced and voted in to law.
  • #SaveStageLighting Update Nov 2018
    For four weeks, from 12 October to 9 November 2018, the EU ran a Public Consultation on the current (October) draft of the Ecodesign lighting regulation - this part of their ‘better regulation agenda’ intended to let the Commission ‘listen more closely to the views of citizens and stakeholders.' On behalf of its members, the ALD submitted a response to the survey...
  • #SaveStageLighting Update October 2018
    ​ The next - and probably final - text of the Eco-design lighting regulations were issued by the EU on 9th October.
  • Memories of Chahine Yarroyan
    It is with great sadness the ALD reports the death of Chahine Yavroyan, and our thoughts go out to his friends and loved ones. ALD Executive Committee members remember him...
  • An update on the proposed EU Eco-Design regulations. A summary on the current situation and information about an Eco-Design seminar on the final morning of the PLASA Show
  • Lighting Skin tones on stage
    ALD Chair Johanna Town reacts to the recent news story in the Telegraph by Dr Farah Karim-Cooper, the Head of Higher Education & Research at Shakespeare’s Globe, where she argued that 'Traditional' theatre lighting and stage design discriminates against black and Asian actors.
  • Sponsored walk in aid of Mental heath charities
    Two of our industry colleagues, freelancer Leigh Porter and White Light employee Luke Hance, are going on a 10 day trip to walk part of the Great Wall of China in October. This is in order to raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation.
  • #SaveStageLighting Update Aug18
    The last update was written just a few days after the meeting with DG Energy in Brussels in May, when the entertainment industry had, in effect, been asked to submit ideas for a suitable exemption for stage lighting. Finally, on 16 July new drafts for both the Ecodesign and EcoLabelling regulations and their corresponding Annex documents (dated 3/4 July) appeared... Silence over, time for some...
  • The next draft of the EU’s proposed Ecodesign and Eco Labelling regulations became available on July 16th . A quick initial reading of the documents shows that the EU has recognised the special requirements of entertainment lighting, with exemptions included for both ‘colour tuneable’ LED lighting fixtures and for a number of tungsten lamp bases commonly used in entertainment lighting.
  • On 20 June 2018, the period of public consultation for the proposed ECO design regulation – that will affect lighting products of all types – expired. The EU DG Energy department has passed on a revised draft to the next stage of the legislative process. We expect to know its content within a few weeks as it progresses through the committee stages of the process of turning it into a law.
  • A group of professionals from across member organisations, manufacturers and designers in the live entertainment industry (including Pearle, SOLT/UK Theatre, the ALD, the Association of Swedish Lighting Designers, the IALD, OETHG, PLASA and VLPT) had a very productive meeting in Brussels on 17 May with DG Energy. As a result we have agreed to channel our work into seeking to draft a specific,...
  • ALD Chair Johanna Town on changing times as the theatre industry arrives at a turning point and examines the culture of bullying and harrassment. "All people on the receiving end of harassment and bullying have been given a voice and it is our job, every one of us, to make sure we listen, support and speak out."