The ALD Lumiere Scheme

Origins of the Scheme

The Lumière Scheme is a professional development programme that provides pathways into the industry for some of the brightest, most promising emerging designers by working as assistant lighting designer on larger scale shows.

The Lumière Scheme in Detail

  • The Lumière will learn how to assist a lighting designer, establishing what skills are required and strengthening these skills. They will receive mentoring from the lighting designer alongside professional development from the ALD.
  • They will spend all their time working alongside the lighting designer on each project they are involved with.
  • They will also complete specified training programme paperwork during this six-month period.
  • The Lumière will assist with decision-making relevant to the production in the absence of the lighting designer.


  • They will be capable of assisting any working lighting designer in the industry.
  • They will be recognised as an ALD Lumière graduate within the industry and be well on their way to a working career in theatre.


More Information

For more information or to discuss the Lumière scheme in detail, please contact the ALD’s Lumière scheme working group.

Our previous recipients wrote about their experiences in the ALD members's magazine Focus.  You can see what they thought by reading their articles by selecting the name links:


Donating to Support the Scheme

Find out how you can support the Lumière Scheme here:


The 2019 Lumière Scheme was supported by The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation:

With thanks for their continual support with the scheme:



Supporting Lighting Designers

Neil Austin

Lucy Carter

Natasha Chivers

Jon Clark

Matt Clutterham

Paule Constable

Lee Curran

Chris Davey

James Farncombe

Rick Fisher

Richard Howell

David Howe

Michael Hulls

Richard G Jones

Prema Mehta

Katy Morison

Peter Mumford           

Bruno Poet

Malcolm Rippeth

Johanna Town           

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Katharine Williams